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Network Marketing
The Ideal Business

Network Marketing, also known as MLM or Multi Level Marketing, has been described as the ideal business. It takes only a low investment to get into and it offers the opportunity to earn great wealth. Network marketing has been a life changing business for many thousands of people throughout the world. This is a business where you can fulfill your dreams by helping others to make their dreams come true.

In multi level marketing, your background does not matter. You can be a high school drop out or have a PHD. You could be working for minimum wage or be a highly paid professional. Your race does not matter; your sex does not matter. All that does matter is your desire and your willingness to work the business as you're taught.

With your MLM business, you can enjoy time and financial freedom. You set your own hours so you work when it is best for you. If you want a day off, or the week, or the month, it is your decision, you're the boss. The commute can now be a short walk down the hall to where you have your office setup. No rush hours, no driving in inclement weather.

When operating your business, you are building your dreams, creating the lifestyle you want. You can operate your business from where ever you want. The business is portable, it travels with you, it moves with you.

"Network marketing is an ideal business model. As they say, 'your in business for your self, but not by yourself.' You have mentors that will teach you the business, as you will become a mentor to others. The more successful you can help others to become, the more successful you will be."
-Larry Louzon

On the plus side, many millionaires have been created in this industry. Many of them are living the dream life, they work from home, have dream homes, travel, spend quality time with family. They have created organizations and a customer base that provide them with overrides and residual income that give them a life of luxury and a lucrative retirement.

The negative side is that there are those who have lost thousands of dollars. They experienced a lot of hype. After investing in a lot of product and tools, they found the products were greatly overpriced. They were required to continue to make high monthly product purchases to maintain their business eligibility to receive income. Others found the training to be very poor.

You will find lovers and haters of this industry. Let us take a look at the industry so you can decide if it should be part of your home based business strategy.

How It Works

In Multi Level Marketing, you are an independent contractor marketing the products or services for another company. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. It is much like a franchise, but without the cost and generally without territorial restrictions. The company trains you on the marketing of its product or service. Today they generally will take care of the shipment of the product to the consumer and handle the billing and customer support for you. That leaves you free to find more customers.

With an opportunity, unlike a job, you have no hourly wage or salary that you are paid. That means there are no limits on how much you can make. You determine that by how hard and smart that you work.

network marketing, helping each other succeedIn network marketing commissions are earned on the products and services that are sold. But it does not stop there. When you establish a customer for the company you earn a commission each time that person buys. When the customer signs up for an automatic shipment of the product or service each month you begin earning a passive residual income. This is income that automatically comes to you each month without your having to do anything. The residual income continues to come in even when you take time off and spend a cold winter month on a tropical island in the Caribbean with your family. The residual income a become a retirement income.

One of the great advantages of network marketing is the ability to duplicate your efforts without having to hire any employees. This leverage is obtained by recruiting others into the business. They become a part of your "team" who you will train to do what your doing. For your efforts, you earn an override commission on all their sales. This is much like how insurance agencies and real estate brokers work.

The power of this is that now you can take time off or retire and still earn an income for life. It does not stop there; your business can be willed to someone or sold.

Is It Right For You?

Network marketing is not for everyone. Anyone with a strong desire and willingness to learn can do it. But MLM does require certain skill sets and attitudes, all of which can be learned. But, if you're not willing, if your not teachable and insist on doing it your way, you will have trouble. What is it that is needed?

First and foremost, you must be a people person. That is, you must have a strong desire to help others and you must enjoy meeting and talking with people. Your focus must be on helping others to reach their goals. By doing so, you will achieve yours.

Also needed are integrity and sincerity. Being honest with your potential prospects and customers may cost you an occasional sale, but will in the long run pay great dividends as it becomes evident that you are someone to be believed.

Self discipline and work habits are essential. As the boss you set your own schedule and decide what work must be done. Then it is up to you to stick to it.

Focus on your goals, priorities and the jobs that produce the income.

Choosing The Right Opportunity.

Believe in your product or service. Don't join a company just because you think you can make lots of money with it. There are thousands of mlm opportunities today. They cover many types of products in many different industries.

You want to take your time and do your due diligence. You will find there are many factors to consider when choosing your company.

Startups are not always the best way to go. You will hear tales of how the greatest wealth is made from those who got in at the beginning, and for the companies and the associates that survive that may be true. But they also have the highest failure rates, and the highest turnover in associates.

Building Your Business

When a company says all you need to do is sign up, and we do everything else for you, then you should ask yourself "if that is the case, then why do they need me?"

Building your business will take hard work. In network marketing the hardest work and the lowest pay is in the beginning. Stick it out, choose the right opportunity for yourself, learn and apply what you learn and you could be living your dream life... but by all means don't quit your day job until you have replaced your income!

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"A home based business gives you all the benefits of a non-home based business without the burden of the high overhead."
~ Larry Louzon

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"A home based business gives you all the benefits of a non-home based business without the burden of the high overhead." ~ Larry Louzon
"The business of America is business" ~ Calvin Coolidge

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