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The Internet Brings the World Home.

The Internet has brought the world into your home, and not just for exploring.  It is now possible operate an international business and never leave the comfort of your home.

The internet can greatly enhances the promotion of your home based business or you can build your entire business online. 

Building your online Strategy

Online marketing can be broken down into 3 broad strategies.

  • Marketing - This is simply where your website serves as an online brochure for your business and it's products or services.  
  • Niche Marketing - is where you develop an online business around a fairly narrow focus.
  • Micro Niche Marketing - is where your business is focused on selling a very narrow product line.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is revolutionizing the way we interact and market on the internet. The enhanced web technology has taken advantage of the broadband speed of the internet and brought into play common use of audio, video, voip (phone calls over the internet) and social networking.  The internet has gone from being a provider of information into being a very interactive communication vehicle.

Webinars give you the opportunity to give a live presentation to your audience while getting immediate feedback from them.  Video conferencing is now being introduced.  You can quickly set up a video meeting with up to about 6 people today.  

Online collaberation gives people from around the world the opportunity to work together on projects.

With the rapid raise in oil prices and the inconvienences of going through all the security checks,  waits, and higher ticket prices will make these services all the more popular.

Internet Tools

Doing business on the internet will require you to take advantage of a host of new tools in order to conduct your business.
  • Web Hosting - This is needed to put your business onto the internet.
  • Domain name - Without one no one will be able to find you. The name you choose can have a major impact on your home based business.
  • Webdesign - You can design your own or hire a service to do it for you.  The design of your site will be how many potential customers form their first impression of you.
  • Merchant Accounts - If your conducting business online, you need a means of getting paid.  Your customers need a convient way of getting their money to you.
  • Autoresponder - The choice of one will determine the effectiveness of building a list and communicating with that list.

A word of caution

A lot of people have made millions on the internet.  Unfortunately this has given rise to a lot of get rich quick without having to work promotions. While you may be able to get rich with an internet business, you will not
be able to do so without a lot of hard work.  

The offers of replicated websites and buy this content and fill your site with it will not work.  Generally the only one who makes money on those deals is the one selling the site.

Promotions telling you to buy and sell ebooks with resell rights and PLR (private lable rights) are often promoting worthless information.  You may make some money in the short run, but you will not build a long term viable business, for your customers will not want to do business with you again. In this age of social networks, word will often spread very quickly not to do business with you.

There are good products out there that you can obtain resell rights
and/or  PLR on.  Check the product out first.  If you do not believe in the product, don't sell it!

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