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Jan 15, 2011

Earn Money Online

Earn money online shows the many different ways that you can create an income for an internet home based business.

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Jan 15, 2011

Internet Home Based Business

An Internet Home Based Business when properly set up can provide financial freedom and security.

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Jan 15, 2011

Wibiya Tool Bar

Just added the Wibiya tool bar to the Home Business Compass site. You will find it at the bottom of each page. The tool bar offers some great features.

It is social media friendly, so you can now easily share interesting information with your friends.

Next, it has a personal bookmarker. You connect to the network of your choice and save links to content pages and sections you like, making lists of quick links you can return to at any time.

Each time you saves a bookmark you can choose the bookmark’s name and link as well as easily share it through the network you are connected with (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).

you can access these bookmarks from any website that has the Wibiya toolbar.

The translation button let's you translate each page to one of many different languages available.

Hope this tool bar makes your visit even more enjoyable.

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Jan 12, 2011

The 4 Goals We All Share

In his blog, Brian Tracy talks about our "four primary goals in life." Read what they are and how they relate to having your own business.

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Sep 13, 2010

"Trying" = failure?

Often you will hear someone say "I am going to give this home based business a try." Trying a business is almost a guarantee of failure.

Building a business takes commitment. Along the way you will be faced with obstacles, setbacks and yes even some failures.

The committed person will see these as an opportunity to grow and learn, knowing he will be tougher for the experience.

The one trying the business, lacking commitment, will see this as an opportunity to quit, saying "it is too tough" or "it doesn't work."

Make a firm commitment to your new business venture. Commit to rising to the occasion and learning from the obstacles. Do it now, for success awaits you.

Jun 17, 2010

Fox Business Network supports soho

The Fox Business Network's website provides useful information to those with a home office.

Some recent articles provide information on noise reduction, document management, office location and storage solutions.

Recommend that you check them periodically for additional tips on running your home office.

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Apr 08, 2009

Site Map

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Feb 13, 2009

Stimulus plan will fuel need for Home Business

The stimulus bill has now passed the House and minutes away from passage in the Senate. In it, it is now being reported, is a provision that will now force states to extend unemployment benefits. The added money to the unemployed will be a great help to them.

Unfortunately, there appears to be additional provisions that will require businesses to pay unemployment benefits to those who quit and to those who work part time. Since this represents a new exposure to additional liabilities, in these uncertain times, businesses will now think twice before hiring anyone new. As they fight for survival, they will avoid the additional risk.

This spells additional opportunity for the Home Based Business. Independent contractors can now offer to perform some of these services for the business.

Entrepreneurs that can come up with creative solutions will prosper. Those who can perform services without hiring employees will prosper.

Traditional businesses that have relied upon employees will have an increasingly tough time to survive. Home Businesses that can operate lean and creative, can thrive.

Now it is up to you to turn this adversity to many into an opportunity for you. Make it happen!

Dec 13, 2008

Network to Prosperity

Success is often determined not by what you know but who you know.

Budding entrepreneurs will often have potentially great ideas for a new business, product or service, but the idea slowly fades into oblivion. It died not because it was a bad idea, but because our entrepreneur did not know what to do with it.

A potential business may have needed a little tweaking from an experienced eye. The product needed someone with the expertise to show how to get it manufactured. The service may have needed a good marketing strategy.

The great tragedy is that access to the needed expertise was not far away. It was most likely available though a friend of a friend.

The smart entrepreneur cultivates and builds an extensive network of many contacts in a wide variety of fields. He looks to ways that he can help them with their interest, while learning about them. As the friendship builds, so does the potential of one day being able to ask them for their advice or help.

An excellent place to go to start building your network is a social media site called LinkedIn. Go to www.linkedin.com and set up a free account. Later, if you choose, you can subscribe and take advantage of some added features.

Once your free account is set up, take the necessary time to fill out your profile. That will let others know how you can be of potential value to them. By the same token, their profiles will let you know about their expertise.

The next step is to start building your network. You can start that process by letting LinkedIn check your address book. They will compare the email addresses in your book against those who are currently using LinkedIn. You will probably be very pleasantly surprised to see who you already know already on the site.

Next, send emails to your other contacts not in LinkedIn, and invite them to come and set up an account. Now your network is beginning to grow.

Finally, everyone you work with from that point on ask if they are on LinkedIn, if so, link up with them, if not invite them to sign up and link up.

Then start networking to prosperity!

Dec 09, 2008

Adversity leads to Opportunity

The economy is heading south, along with the jobs. We have already seen the closing of some major corporations, and with those go many of their suppliers. As these companies close, the dream of a secure retirement disappeared. For many that dream was only months away.When faced with the loss, or pending loss, one can either bemoan the fact and do nothing or take the positive approach and say "How can I turn these circumstances into an advantage?" Napoleon Hill said it best many years ago when he said that "in every adversity there is a seed of equal or greater benefit."This 'seed' is not always going to be obvious, often times it will come to us disguised as a problem. The secret comes in recognizing that by solving the problem you may be able to turn the adversity into an opportunity.

An example of this was shown by Harland Stonecipher back in the late 60's. Driving on a rural road in Oklahoma, he ended up in a head on collision that left him in the hospital. To make matters worse, while in the hospital, he was served papers by the other driver who was suing him, even though the police ruled that that driver was at fault.

Now Harland had car insurance that covered the cost to replace his car. He had health insurance to cover his medical bills and he even had life insurance had the accident turned out much worse. But he had nothing that protected himself against the legal cost he incurred defending his innocence. Even though he won the case, those expenses almost ruined him financially. He vowed never to be in that position again.

Because of that adversity, he went on a hunt for a solution. The solution ended up being the creation of a new industry in the US, one of providing pre-paid legal protection. His company, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. has made him and many others multi millionaires.

He did not start out to create a new industry. His concern at first was just to find someone where he could buy that type of protection. Finding none, but wanting a solution, his open mind led him to creating the company.

What ever adversity you are faced with, welcome it as an opportunity. Then set out with dogged determination that you are going to find the golden opportunity that lies within. Keep an open mind. The opportunity may come to you disguised as another problem. It may be that you do not solve a problem but rather have the chance to move off into a totally new direction.

The key ingredients are a positive attitude, positive expectancy and an open mind.

Aug 24, 2008

Home Based Internet Business

How to put your home based business onto the internet

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"A home based business gives you all the benefits of a non-home based business without the burden of the high overhead."
~ Larry Louzon

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