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Home Based Business Plan,
Your Strategic Success Plan

We have all heard about business plans, but do we really need a home based business plan?  The answer is an emphatic yes!  No matter what the size of your business. the home business plan is your road map, your strategic success plan.

It is here that you will lay out your objectives for your business and how you plan on accomplishing them.  The exercise of creating it will greatly increase your chance of success for it will cause you to carefully think through all aspects of your business  

What is a Home Business Plan?

The home based business plan is a document, either formal or informal, where you look at each aspect of your business.  Investors and lenders require a formal document.  The business plan tells them:
  • What the purpose of your business is 
  • How it is going to be run
  • What the market is for your product or service
  • How you plan to reach this market
  • What are the projected cost for your business
  • What are the projected revenues for your business.
The informal plan covers the same information, the only difference is that it is for your internal use.  It helps you to know your business and what it will take for it to succeed.  

The home based business plan, be it formal or informal, is a useful tool to share with your mentors and advisers.  It will give them an overview of your business and let them know how well you have thought it out.  The plan will help them to spot your strengths and weaknesses.  It creates a starting point for discussions.

Writing the Home Based Business Plan

The plan can be long or short, depending on your needs.  If you will be seeking funding from banks and investors, then you may want to consider outside help in the writing of the document, in doing the market research and in doing the financial projections.

The components of the business plan are:

  • Executive Summary
  • Market Analysis
  • Description of the business
  • Organization & Management
  • Marketing
  • Product or Service
  • Financial
  • Funding Request
  • Appendix

Updating the Business Plan

Looking at the home based business plan as your strategic plan, means viewing it as a living document.  It is one that you will want to review frequently.  

The plan will help you develop a clean mission for your business.  It will help you to set up your goals and objectives and to stay focused on them. The reviews will help you to see the strengths and weaknesses of the business.  Remember, we are in an era of very rapid change.  Many  electronic products are practically obsolete before they hit the market place.  This means you must be constantly alert to changes, if not you will be left behind.

"A home based business gives you all the benefits of a non-home based business without the burden of the high overhead."
~ Larry Louzon

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