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Home And Family
The Key To A
Successful Home Business

A home business will have a major affect on the home and family.  The business owner must take steps to insure that it is a positive experience for all.

The part-time business will have a greater challenge than the full-time business in meeting some of these challenges because there being less time available.  But keep in mind, even with the challenges, a part-time business is far more rewarding than any part-time job.

The Challenges

Never Leave Work - With a job when you have had a challenging day, it is easier to leave the work behind and not take it home with you.  With the home business, it is already there.  You end up always working on the business.

To create the break from work, try and locate your office away from the main living area - use the out of sight, out of mind technique.  Set a rule, when in the office, it is to work.  When out of the house, it is time to enjoy the family.

Unprofessional Background Noises - This applies when you have to spend time on the phone making calls.  In order to create the professional business image, you will need to sound like a business.  You cannot afford to have babies crying, kids arguing or playing loudly, TV's blaring and dogs barking.

Discuss it with the family so they know what is going on and why.  Work with them on the solution.  If possible try and have your office as removed from the noise source as possible.

Too Restrictive, Cannot Enjoy - If your business rules are too strict you could create resentment toward the business.

Listen to the family.  Talk to them.  See how they feel about the business. If there are problems, look for win - win solutions so that all will be happy in the end.

Stress - A home business, particularly during the early start up times, can bring on a lot of stress.  The stress can have not only a major impact on the home and family, but also on you.

A positive can do attitude is critical.  If stress is becoming an issue or you feel it may become one, then check out this site for information on Stress Relief.  You will gain an understanding of how the stress is affecting you and natural ways to deal with it.

Additional Solutions
For a Happy Home and Family

Schedule time for the family.  Be sure to attend family events.

Involve the family in the business.  Give them all jobs, and pay them for the jobs (it is tax deductible).  With the kids, give them a title.  That will make them really feel that they are part of the business.  Go one step further, and give them each their own business cards, with their titles on it.  

Remember, ultimately, a successful home business is about giving you a happy home and family.  The more that the whole family is involved in it, the more understanding that they will be, and more fun will be had by all.

"A home based business gives you all the benefits of a non-home based business without the burden of the high overhead."
~ Larry Louzon

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