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Earn Money Online!

What freedom that is. Earn money online! A short walk to your computer in the morning, coffee in hand, maybe still in your pajamas. You turn on your computer and find that you have made a couple of hundred dollars from your internet home based business while you were sleeping. A dream come true.

How To Make Money Online

With an internet home based business, you do have several ways to earn money online. You can sell products, service and information. You are not limited to just one way. By combining multiple sources of income, you increase your chances of having your visitor find what they are looking for. Now let's take a look at how to make money online.


Your website will have visitors (also known as traffic). With proper marketing, it should have lots of traffic. Other internet marketers and entrepreneurs will want to reach those traffic. To do so, they will be willing to buy ads.

The ads can be sold directly by you. Those are often times the display ads that you see on a site. Or, you can have a third party service like google sell the ads.

The Google adsense program is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. Google offers adsense ads and the adsense search button.

With the ads, you are paid a few cents or a few dollars every time someone clicks on one their ads. The amount depends on the keyword the ad was purchased for.

The Google Search (you can see one at the top of the right column) offers you and your visitors a convenient service. It gives you an easy way for your visitors to search your site for information. The search will also come back with other sites that may also offer the information they are looking for. If the visitor clicks on one of the others, you get paid.


Let's say you start a home business where you make bird houses and feeders. Now you can very inexpensively set up a website that features those houses and feeders. Your visitors learn all about each one from the information and the photos on your website. They then go to the order form on your site place the order and you ship it out to them.

Another way to sell hard goods is by the use of a dropshipper. What a dropshipper does is store and ship the products for you. The products can by your own, like the bird houses, or it can be products from other wholesalers. The wholesale products allow you to expand the amount and type of products you offer to your visitors. Dropshipping is often used by those who sell on eBay and Amazon.

Do you have a DVD or CD that you produced that you would like to sell? There are services that you can work with that will produce them on demand. A customer can buy one or several hundred. Best part is, you have no inventory, and the company takes care of the production and shipping for you.

Cafepress offers another way to earn money online. Do you want your logo, or a line of clever sayings put on clothing? Cafepress will do that for you. Once again no inventory, no manufacturing. Just produce your copy, send it to them and enjoy the income.

Ebay and net auctions are still another way to earn money online.

Information - Egoods

There is heavy demand for information, and it is one of the easiest to earn money online. Easy, because it can be done without having to maintain an inventory. Egoods can be in the form of ebooks, audios and videos. You describe the information on your website. If it is what your visitor wants, they click on a link, place their order, your merchant account processes the order, and the visitor is given immediate access to the ebook, audio or video.

The information can be that which you produce, or you can sell information that someone else produced. You can find many products available through a service such as www.clickbank.com. With clickbank you can sell the products of others for a commission, or you can sell your own product and pay others a commission to do so.

Service Selling

For a home service type business that you want to find customers for, simply create a website that tells about the service. You could be a writer, accountant, carpet cleaner or any other of dozens of services. Your site presells the person in a non-threatening environment. This gives your potential customer the chance to learn about the service without any "high pressure sales pitch", instead it lets them 'buy' without feeling like they have been 'sold'.

Rental agencies also work very well. Just put your information on the site, your customers browse at their convenience. Save both you and them time.

Additional Ways To Earn Money Online

Affiliates - Many internet marketers are looking for additional customers and are willing to pay you as an affiliate. What this means is that you market to your site's visitors or to your email list, the product or service of the internet marketer. They have set you up with a special link code. When the person you refer, clicks on that link and buys, you earn a commission. The amount of the commission will vary with the affiliate program. This is a great way to be able to offer your visitors access to other products and services and earn money online while doing it.

Joint Ventures - Is the teaming up with another internet marketer to market their product or service to your email list or vice versa. This is often done by hosting a conference call or webinar where they promote their offering.

Generate Leads, Finder Fees, Referrals - Here you presell someone on a product or service. They leave their name and contact information, the provider of the product or service pays a finders fee in return. The better job that can be done in making the referrals, the more money can be earned.

Multi-Level Marketing - Network marketing companies are very strict about how you market their product or service online. But the use of the internet and especially social media, can be a very lucrative way for building up your MLM business.

Membership Sites - This is where you have a site where the visitor must pay to enter it. The fee could be a one time fee, a monthly, quarterly or annual. The site works best where you want to restricted access to the information you have, and the information is updated frequently.

Donations - Are very valuable when running a charity, a political campaign or you offer a product for free and let the visitor decide if they want to give something for it. Donations are very common with small software programs and applications.


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Now you know how to make money online. It is not difficult. With the many options available your internet home based business can be very lucrative. As you plan the website, keep in mind the ways you can monetize it, and then you too will earn money online!

"A home based business gives you all the benefits of a non-home based business without the burden of the high overhead."
~ Larry Louzon

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